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According to recent dental studies, parents believe it’s time for the first dental visit around age 3, however, earlier may be even better. Our children’s dentist in Bellflower recommends bringing your child to the office around the age of 1, or around 6 months after the first tooth is visible. A child’s primary teeth begin to grow at 6 months of age, and it is important to begin healthy dental habits early. If you are able to establish visits to the dentist regularly and teach proper brushing and flossing techniques, your child is less likely to have dental problems like tooth decay as they get older. This will also help your child experience comfort in going to the dentist so that they do not develop dental fears or anxiety if faced with their first experience at the dentist later on. Schedule an appointment with our children’s dentist in Bellflower at Bellflower Dental Group and let us help give them the dental care they need.

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When you get your dental procedures done at Bellflower Dental Group, there is no doubt you are getting the best service in Bellflower and the surrounding areas. We absolutely love what we do, and we want you to love what we do for you just as much! We look forward to serving you, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call for your next appointment! We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now.

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When Your Child is Scared of the Dentist…

Learn how we suggest to help your kid’s experience with our children’s dentist in Bellflower

At Bellflower Dental Group, we have several techniques we use to help calm the nerves of a young and anxious patient. We offer toys, music, movies, books, and more to help your child feel relaxed while they are in the dental chair. We know how hard it can be to convince your children there is nothing to fear, so we make sure they have a fun and comfortable experience each and every time they visit. However, a lot of the efforts to help with the jitters are things that can be done at home. For example, if you introduce your child to the kid’s dentist in Bellflower early on, they can form positive thoughts without fear from the very beginning. Children who visit the dentist later on often have apprehension about their treatments. You can also help by using materials that are fun to educate your children on proper dental care. Another idea is to dive into your child’s imagination and act as a dentist and patient while playing to show your child there is nothing to be scared of. If you have any questions about how you can help your child with anxiety when visiting your children’s dentist in Bellflower, we are available 24/7. Call us, and we will be more than happy to help!

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  • Great customer service and attentive staff!

    Great customer service and attentive staff!

    Amanda K.
    Great customer service and attentive staff! My 3 year old enjoyed his visit! Yes, I said he enjoyed it! He had to have X-rays done, and I was so worried that he wasn't gonna be a happy camper but the X-ray tech, Dominique, is so good with kids! The X-rays were fast and painless! Overall a great experience!
  • This dental group surpasses my expectations!

    This dental group surpasses my expectations!

    Brian B.
    This dental group surpasses my expectations! Amazing staff! My experience at Bellflower Dental Group was outstanding. Get bored during waiting? Don't worry! You can kill time by watching a movie in their comfy, amazing movie theater, or even get a massage! They even give out free cookies! I always have fun just by waiting for my name to be called. I highly recommend this dental group. I come to them for my braces, their ortho is incredible, the highlight of this dental group. The staff is amazing, their employees are so kind and take the time to perfect your braces.
  • I love this dental office!

    I love this dental office!

    Rosa V.
    I love this dental office! I have been coming here for years. It is a one-stop-shop! You can get your x-rays, cleaning, braces, labs, dentures, toothbrushes, and more all right here. They offer a movie room, 15 minute massages, child care, coffee, tea, and snacks! The weekends included face painting and balloon art for the kids. The staff is great, and they try to work with you if you need a payment plan. I think most insurance carriers are accepted. Never had any issues with any of the work done here!
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