What Is A Deep Cleaning?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is an essential step in fighting oral diseases; oral hygiene, as we all know, is brushing your teeth regularly, using a fluoride-containing mouthwash, and removing interdental food residues with floss. Also, it’s recommended that you go to the dentist twice a year for regular checkups and routine dental cleanings. But sometimes, our mouth needs a higher level of dental care, which is called deep cleaning. Our teeth consist of a crown, a root, and surrounding bone and gingiva. If these structures are not regularly cleaned and flossed, they will accumulate dental plaque, which consists of sticky food residues and bacteria. That plaque is seen as a soft, sticky film on the teeth’s surface and sometimes on the root and the gingiva. Dental plaque, if left untreated, poses a significant risk to the health of the teeth, as plaque formation is the first step in the development of dental caries and gingival or periodontal diseases, so removal of that plaque is required, right?

Is Deep Cleaning The Same As Regular Cleaning?

No, regular cleaning is what we should do twice a year when we go to the dentist, which is cleaning the teeth above the gum line, while deep cleaning is much more profound.

Can Anyone Do A Deep Cleaning?

No, as overtreatment is as bad as undertreatment, overcleaning has other disadvantages besides its advantages, namely:


-Fights bad breath

-Stops gum disease

-Protects the teeth’s roots

-Prevents tooth loss


-Gum recession may occur.

-May cause nerve damage in rare cases.

-Risk of infection.

-May cause slight discomfort, pain, or sensitivity.

Is A Deep Cleaning Really Necessary?

Gum disease doesn’t always present itself with pain, and that is what makes its diagnosis somewhat difficult. That’s why we should all be attentive and regularly monitor our teeth to see if they need further treatments. If you find that you have some or all of these warning signs, then you should pay a visit to your dentist, as you most probably need a deep cleaning.

-You have bad taste

-You have a bad mouth odor

-Your gums easily bleed while brushing them

-Your gums are tender to the touch, red in color, and sometimes swollen

What Does The Dentist Do In A Deep Cleaning?

The dentist does a procedure called scaling, curettage, and root planing, which is the removal of plaque and calculus (the calcified form of plaque) from the root surface below the gum line, and that’s by using instruments called scalers and curettes that are made of metal and have a sharp tip. This is the manual way, but nowadays, there’s an ultrasonic scaler with a vibrating tip and water spray. Scaling is the removal of plaque from surfaces of the tooth above the gum line, root planing is the rubbing motion applied to the root to remove bacteria and smoothen the surface to prevent future plaque formations, while curettage is the process of scrapping the inner surface of the gingiva to remove the infection and help in the healing process.

Does Deep Cleaning Hurt?

It can cause discomfort and slight pain afterward, but the dentist uses a topical anesthetic that numbs the area and lessens the discomfort during the procedure.

How Long Does A Deep Cleaning Take?

Usually, it takes 2 to 4 visits; the time taken in each is according to the case and how much plaque or calculus the patient has, but on average, the process takes 1-2 hours.

What Should I Expect After The Procedure?

Slight pain and discomfort, sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks, and minor bleeding are normal and usually last for about 5–7 days. The dentist may prescribe analgesics and antibiotics according to your case, and using a desensitizing toothpaste will also be very beneficial. Aftercare is so important, and following your dentist’s instructions will quicken the healing process, including brushing with a soft bristle brush at least twice per day and flossing at least once per day; eating soft foods; and rinsing with warm salt water to reduce inflammation. Also, the dentist will most probably schedule an appointment a month after your visit to check that the gums are healing and periodontal pocket depth is getting smaller.

When Do I Need To Take An Antibiotic After The Deep Cleaning?

Since deep cleaning is a minimally invasive procedure, an antibiotic isn’t normally required. But if the patient is immunocompromised due to a systemic disease or autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, they may need a postoperative antibiotic. Moreover, if the patient has a prosthetic heart valve, an antibiotic will be prescribed. That’s because, in deep cleanings, bacteria can sometimes be pushed into the bloodstream and cause a serious problem afterward.

How Often Should You Get A Deep Cleaning?

That’s not a set standard, as according to your gingival and periodontal state, the dentist can determine how often you require a deep cleaning. Some people have deep cleanings every year, while others have them every 6 months. The patients at the highest risk undergo deep cleanings every 3 months until their state becomes stable, and then we can make it every 6 months.

Are Deep Cleanings Expensive?

It depends on your dental state, but the price is usually per dental quadrant. It’s good to know that most dental insurance plans cover deep cleanings, so check yours!


No one can deny that teeth are important and that they have many functions, such as chewing, phonetics, and esthetics, but we can’t expect them to continue serving us without monitoring them and taking care of what they may need. Like when you find that your blood pressure is constantly high and you go to the physician, also when realizing that your gingiva is bleeding or that you have bad breath, you should go to the dentist and have a deep cleaning!

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    Great customer service and attentive staff!

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