What Is Scaling And Root Planing?

The severe infection or inflammation of the tissues surrounding and supporting your teeth is known as gum disease. Plaque, which is constantly accumulating on your teeth, is the culprit behind this condition. In the United States, persons over 30 have a chance of developing periodontitis, the medical term for gum disease. There is a possibility that 8.5% of them have severe periodontitis.

If gum disease manifests itself, your dentist will need to do a more intensive cleaning of your teeth. This procedure is known as teeth scaling and root planing. Patients who suffer from chronic gum disease may benefit from scaling and root planing. According to research published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, persons in the United States between the ages of 30-35 have a chronic periodontitis prevalence of 47.2%.

If gum disease is detected in its early stages and has not yet caused harm to the structures below the gum line, a cleaning performed by a professional should be sufficient. However, scaling may require root planing if the spaces between your gums and teeth are very deep.

Teeth Scaling And Root Planing

Scaling teeth and root planing are two steps in the deep cleaning technique. It is the initial stage in the treatment of gum disease performed by the dentist. Both periodontal scaling and root planing don’t need any incisions or stitches. They use portable equipment or ultrasonic machines to do a more in-depth cleaning.

In most cases, the scaling technique is carried out simultaneously as the root planing operation. These processes are often referred to as a “deep cleaning” in more everyday language.

Researchers found that manual deep cleaning using handheld devices produced outcomes comparable to deep ultrasonic cleaning using handheld instruments. The manual cleaning method and the ultrasonic cleaning method offer substantial clinical effects; however, the manual cleaning method takes between 20% and 50% more time than the ultrasonic cleaning method.


First, a topical or local anesthetic may be used by your dentist at the outset to numb the region of your mouth that will be the focus of your treatment. Your dentist will use a scaler tool to remove all the plaque and tartar accumulated on your teeth. This procedure will be performed above and below the gum line, down to the periodontal pocket. The rough surfaces on the roots of the teeth will be planed or smoothed off; then, the plaque is removed from them by your dentist. It will assist in the reattachment of your gums to your teeth.

Periodontal scaling and root planing may need more than one visit to the dentist, depending on the severity of your problem. Following this therapy, you may be required to go for a post-operative checkup. Scaling and root planing of the teeth often need more than one visit to the dentist. They may necessitate local anesthesia depending on the severity of your chronic periodontal disease and whether or not you have gum recession. The recovery time for this outpatient treatment is often just a few days, although it might take longer in certain cases.

What Can I Expect After Scaling And Root Planing?

After the scaling and root planing procedure is finished, you may feel some soreness in the area of your teeth for many days. You may be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and sometimes to sweets for up to six weeks. It is a natural step in the healing process.

How Long Does It Take For Scaling And Root Planing?

During treatment, the infection in your gums will be removed, lasting around one to two hours, causing minor discomfort. It is possible that the process could take longer than expected or that you will need to schedule many sessions if your condition is severe and the infection is extensive.

After the scaling and root planing procedure is finished, you may feel some soreness that may last anywhere from four to six weeks. In most cases, scaling the teeth only requires one appointment to be finished. The procedure will take around an hour to complete during this particular appointment. On the other hand, if there is a greater growth of plaque, it may take between two and three hours to finish.

Is Scaling And Root Planing Painful?

The process is not painful at any point. After the procedure is over, you will feel some soreness. Still, the practice may be finished by injecting a local anesthetic into the soft tissue to reduce any unpleasant sensations experienced during the cleaning procedure. Patients with very sensitive gums may report that the scaling and root planing treatment is a little irritating for them. If this is the case, your dentist may choose to numb your gums using an anesthetic to lessen the amount of pain you feel.

Talk to your dentist or periodontist about the many alternatives for stigmatizing the region if the thought of having this process done makes you feel unsure or uneasy. It will allow you to reduce your sensitivity to the pain associated with the operation. It is possible that the procedure of dental scaling and root planing will need many appointments, with each session concentrating on the treatment of a different part of the mouth. Periodontists will generally split this treatment procedure into two halves or four quadrants to better manage their patients’ needs. Patients who suffer from gum disease that is not as severe may be able to complete the full treatment in a single visit; however, the time required for the procedure will typically be longer.


Plaque and tartar that have built up since your previous visit to the dentist may be removed from your teeth by scaling them regularly. Then, when your dental hygienist has polished your teeth to remove stains, you may get an additional boost of confidence in how you portray yourself.

In treating chronic periodontal disease, standard treatments include cleaning and root planing teeth. This non-hospital outpatient operation can be carried out in the dentist’s office by your dentist with or without using a local anesthetic. The procedure may need more than one visit on your part. After the operation, you can feel discomfort for a few days up to a week due to some possible side effects. Regular maintenance of the teeth and mouth is essential for preventing periodontal disease and promoting the healing process after periodontal scaling and root planing. Maintaining the outcomes of therapy and warding off future gum issues may be facilitated by practicing good oral hygiene at home and maintaining a healthy diet.

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