Why Should You Floss In Bellflower, CA?

You don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep!

If you are already brushing your teeth twice daily and they appear clean to you, you might skip flossing because what is the need? Well, dental floss is a crucial part of good oral hygiene; it does not only remove the tiniest residue in your mouth but keeps your oral health secure from a plethora of dental problems that brushing alone cannot do, and here is why.

Dental Floss- Ever Heard Of It?

Although people brush their teeth regularly, most do not use dental floss, and some are unaware of the need to. According to a study in the US, about 20% of the population has never used dental floss at all, and about 40 in a hundred people use it but only once daily. People prefer to stick to the native brushing methods, as someone who follows the routine like an inherited ritual, unaware enough to look up for an accessory that will help them maintain better oral hygiene by many folds.

Dental floss is a thread-like, silky-soft material used along with brushing to remove the food particles and plaque (a sticky layer that adheres to the teeth due to improper cleaning) build-up that can harbor several bacteria from the spaces where the bristles of the brush cannot reach, like interdental spaces (spaces between two teeth), no matter how excellent the brushing technique is. Just like vacuums suck away all the dust and dirt from spaces hidden from the naked eye, think of dental floss the same way! However, it is not enough to floss the teeth; it is essential to use the dental floss correctly.

How Should You Use Dental Floss? The Dos And Don’ts.

Keep your teeth flawless, not floss-less! Knowledge is power, so we have heard that while people are adapting to good oral hygiene habits, not many are aware of the right way to use dental floss, so it is vital to learn the best way to floss your teeth. Here is a sneak-peek to floss like a boss:

*The first thing to do is, get yourself dental floss.
*From the string of dental floss, break off about 18-24 inches.
*Wind the broken piece of the dental floss around the middle fingers of both your hands, leaving only about 2-3 inches in between to floss your teeth.
*To ensure a firm and taut grip, hold the floss with the thumbs and your index fingers.
*Place the dental floss in between your teeth one by one and gently glide it up and down, rubbing on the sides of the tooth to remove every particle that might be hiding away from your eyes and saved themselves from getting “brushed out.”
*Do not hurt your gums while flossing! When the floss approaches the gums, curve the floss from the bottom in a “C” shape to floss from the space between the gums and tooth while not making your gums bleed or bruise.
*Floss, repeat, and floss! Floss every single space and tooth in your mouth with a new, clean section of the dental floss by gradually unwinding it from around the middle fingers to keep your smile healthy and happy!

Now that you have equipped your mind with the knowledge about dental flossing, the next question you might ask is what is the best time to floss, and how many times should it be done? Many people have a routine to use dental floss only after they have brushed their teeth. However, it is recommended to use dental floss first and then brush. Flossing will remove the particles and plaque from every nook and corner around and behind the teeth, and then you can brush them away from your mouth. However, if you brush first and then floss, the particles might linger in the mouth when removed from the spaces; what will “flush” them away then? To have state-of-the-art oral hygiene, you would floss after every meal. But let us be honest, that isn’t always practical. So, it would be best to floss your teeth at least once daily; twice would be great! Try not to skip on it.

Benefits Of Using Dental Floss

A happy smile comes from the heart, and a healthy smile comes from flossing! It is a known fact that if people benefit from something, they use it regularly. So, to make dental floss an integral part of your oral hygiene regime, here is all you need to know:

It removes bacteria, plaque, and food particles from between your teeth.
It reduces the chances of plaque build-up and formation of tartar.
It eliminates bad breath from the mouth.
It reduces the likelihood of tooth decay and gum diseases.

What Is The Best Type Of Dental Floss?

There are many types of dental floss available in the market, but it would be best to get your dentist’s opinion on it. Because the selection of dental floss depends on some factors such as:

*Amount of spaces between your teeth
*Whether you have dental braces, bridges, or crowns in your mouth
*The condition of your mouth
*Your personal preference

However, here is a fundamental insight if you ever find yourself confused in regards to the selection of dental floss:

Standard Floss: This a thin, nylon strand that can be flavored or unflavored, waxed or unwaxed. They are widely available and are usually everybody’s go-to dental floss.
Dental Tape: For people who have significant gaps between their teeth, this flat, ribbon-shaped, broader dental floss can be a life-saver.
Super Floss: To clean around your dental appliances such as dental braces, crowns, or bridges, this floss with three components is the best choice to help clean the plaque from beneath and around the appliance.

Apart from this, dental floss can be manual or electrical. Pair up your electrical brush with electrical floss, and you are good to go!

Now That You Know, It Is Time To Go!

Dental pain is the worst of all, and the treatment is expensive. To save you from the pain of losing a tooth and money, make dental floss and proper brushing a part of your oral hygiene routine with regular dental check-ups because dentistry is not expensive, neglect is!

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    Great customer service and attentive staff!

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    This dental group surpasses my expectations!

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    I love this dental office!

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